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Message from Etsuko Ito MSc.

Following Prime Minister’s announcement on 23rd March 2020 and Government directive, I am sorry to inform you that we will be closing The Rufus House from Tuesday 24th March till further notice.  Therefore I am not able to offer you Mindfulness Retreat until further notice.

However, with Stress Management Skype or FaceTime sessions, we can work together to get through this anxiety provoking period. With immediate effect, COVID-19 price would apply.

Before COVID-19 kills economy totally, we must try to get the upper hand on this situation. To prevent spread is the first step, Covid-19 would not wait for you. Lower the spread, whilst business leaders and owners make adjustments to this reality. It is testing human wisdom.


We do not know WHEN,  but eventually we will win to this Virus. Development of vaccine and new form of treatment will be available, until such medical advancements were made, it is crucial to lower the spread of this virus as low as possible by staying at home to prevent cluster infection.

Human beings have experienced many emergencies and catastrophes in the past. Yet, we have survived and prospered despite of all catastrophic events.

We should not let our guards down, but we do not need to get panic. Instead, we need to continue moving forward by acting in a calm and correct manner.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss.




Each year in Winter, The Rufus House offers special Mindfulness Retreat & Short Breaks,  as our Direct Booking Special Offers.

Wishing to treat yourself with time of relaxation, then Mindfulness Short Break is for you!



Away from the hectic schedule of everyday life, with this short break in the country, you will experience true relaxation with nature in this beautiful part of England.

With our Mindfulness Short Break, you will experience communication with your body sensations.  Your day starts with Shower meditation, morning Mindful yoga practice, Walking meditation in the forest, and Mindful eating.  Guided meditation practice, breathing exercises and Mindful Yoga practices, alongside silence practice and Dialogue in the group.

If you have lived your life a short distance from your body, then it is high time you started living with your body.  If you are recovering from illness or injury, this short break could especially be beneficial.

Be aware of your body sensations, and knowing your limits at this given moment is the key to improving your well-being. By recognising and then not exceeding your limits, you will prevent injury and illness caused by stress and over work.

Price from £550 per person 1 night stay, 1-2-1 bases
Price from £300 per person 1 night stay, group booking
Price including 1 night accommodation at The Rufus House
retreat meal: breakfast and dinner


NB: Short break starts at 1pm on the arrival date,
should you plan to arrive in the evening, please book 2 night break.

Spa Treatment.  After your short break, it is a good idea to have Spa Treatment of your choice. It is relaxing to have body massage, here is our recommendations.

You can even walk from Rufus House via Pondhead Inclosure, spa day is recommended!

Spa Days | New Forest Spa Day | Lime Wood Hotel
Escape and unwind with a Spa Day at Lime Wood's Herb House Spa. Choose the perfect package for you with treatments, lunch and use of the spa facilities.

From Rufus House, you do need a car, but only 5 minutes. Recommend deep-tissue massages.

SenSpa Treatments
Ease Tired Muscles, Restore Inner Peace And Experience Complete Relaxation With Our Wide Range Of Spa Treatments. Treat Yourself, Book Online.


Wishing to overcome emotional disturbances, then Mindfulness & CBT Retreat is for you!

Mindfulness Retreat UK


Away from the hectic schedule of everyday life, this Mindfulness and CBT retreat in the country will trigger dramatic changes in you.

You may be under tremendous pressure to improve your performance each day – resulting in exhaustion that may be interpreted as weakness – so you suppress your feelings and your issues. Not knowing how to manage stress would affect your body and mind.  As your mind continually wanders…occupied by a myriad of thoughts and things to do, you may well have lost touch with who you are.

With our Mindfulness & CBT Retreat, you will gain skills to communicate with your body sensations. CBT intervention would assist you to be aware that your emotional disturbances are mainly caused by your own cognitive construct, not by the reality itself.

This Mindfulness & CBT Retreat is for people suffering from stress related issues, anxiety issues and other emotional disturbances.  You will receive CBT sessions in addition to Mindfulness practices. Please make enquiry with your specific requirements to  Etsuko Ito MSc. directly on confidential bases.

Anxiety, Irritability, Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia, Restlessness
Unable to concentrate, Lack of confidence or motivation

Date :  any time, subject to availability.

Price:  from £800 1-night personal retreat, please specify Rufus House 1-night Retreat Special Offer.



NB: For treatment purposes, 3-day Retreat is recommended.


Winter in the New Forest

Winter Special Offers New Forest

The winter months are a great time of year to attend Retreat programme. Tranquility and clear energy in the forest would be beneficial in practicing Mindfulness.

Being with nature looking up the sky, you might notice merlin, peregrine falcon and short eared owl making regular appearances on the heathland just in front of The Rufus House.

Winter Solstice this year is 22nd December,  walk up Bolton’s Bench or top of the hill just in front of The Rufus House to take in the magnificent site of the sun rising on the shortest day of the year at around 8:06am in The New Forest area, which is also the first official day of winter.

If the sky is dark and clear, one evening, we recommend a short walk in front of the Rufus House to the top of the hill where you can enjoy 360 degree views. Why? The New Forest has some of the UK’s darkest skies in the relatively light-polluted south-east.

Retreat  Meals

During your stay for Retreat Programme, we will prepare organic based healthy meals for breakfast and dinner.  You will learn what meals actually mean for you to sustain your life, and experience true Mindful Eating.

Gift Voucher for a half-day Mindfulness Workshop

Gift Voucher for Mindfulness Workshop

Please check availability.
PRICE:  £400.00 per A half-day workshop (1-2-1 or a group up to 3 people)


Here is our Winter Special Offer page.

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