Wildlife in The New Forest National Park

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The New Forest National Park

The New Forest National Park covers 220 square miles with ancient woodlands and lowland heaths where you can find free roaming New Forest ponies, cattle, donkeys, deer and sheep.

In Autumn pigs and piglets are to be released in woodlands to hoover up fallen acorns. As acorns are poisonous for ponies and cattle causing internal bleeding and death.

Please don’t feed the ponies and give them a space…

Human food can cause severe colic and could kill the ponies, so…please look, but don’t feed the ponies. Feeding and touching the New Forest ponies and donkeys encourages them onto busy roads, they are more likely to be killed or injured by cars. If you are driving please stay under 40mph, in some areas 30mph, and slow right down when near to animals and cyclists and give them a wide berth to help prevent accidents.

‘New Forest Animal Emergency Hotlines’ cards and copies of ‘5 ways to love the forest’ leaflet are available at reception.


Wildlife in The New Forest National Park

Nature in The New Forest National Park



The Rufus House Photo Gallery

Rufus House, Pondhead Inclosure & Boltons Bench, Lyndhurst

Beaulieu Road & Hatchet Pond

Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary, Lyndhurst


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